Ed Schweppe (edschweppe) wrote,
Ed Schweppe

Dies Irene?

Not today, at least. The center of Hurricane Irene is currently about three hundred miles away from New York City, which is a good five hundred plus miles away from me. However, Irene is a big storm, and we've been getting off-and-on showers all day.

The current forecast track takes Irene well to my west, which means my neck of the woods is "only" expected to get six or more inches of rain tonight and tomorrow, along with winds of 45-55 MPH (with higher gusts). I suspect I may lose power for a little while if trees take down the major lines in town; the lines in this subdivision are all below-ground, so there's no risk there.

All in all, tomorrow looks to be a good day to stay in and stay safe. Which is my plan.
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