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Followup on SJC nominees and extremely cool Moms

As I noted in my previous entry, Barbara Lenk, the most recent nominee to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has been the focus of quite a bit of a kerfluffle by virtue of her being the first openly gay nominee. There have been a few recent developments that folks might be interested in:

First, Judge Lenk has been confirmed:
Barbara A. Lenk, a veteran Massachusetts Appeals Court judge, won confirmation yesterday to a seat on the Supreme Judicial Court, becoming the first openly gay judge to serve on the state’s highest judicial body.

The Governor’s Council confirmed Lenk on a 5-to-3 vote. She is Governor Deval Patrick’s fourth appointment to the seven-member SJC, which issued the landmark 2003 ruling that made Massachusetts the first state to legalize same-sex marriage.
The three councilors who voted against Judge Lenk claimed that her sexuality had nothing to do with their decisions.

Second, Sally Naumann, whose testimony at Lenk's confirmation hearing inspired my mother to write a letter to the Boston Globe, had a letter of her own published in the Globe. Ms. Naumann, alas, is firmly convinced that homosexuality is a choice and that gays and lesbians are actively recruiting new members for their secret cabal.

Third, and on a much happier note, my extremely cool Mom says thanks.
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