Ed Schweppe (edschweppe) wrote,
Ed Schweppe

You know it's a bad day when ...

When the latch on your bedroom door disassociates itself from the spindle that's supposed to pull it away from the jamb when you turn the knob, thus preventing you from opening said door without pulling the pins out of the hinges: that's a bad day.

When the module that's been happily generating that custom Excel spreadsheet in a couple of minutes suddenly decides to take seven hours to run: that's a bad day.

When you realize that you've been working on this one damn extract process for two freaking years and it's still not handling all the edge cases correctly: that's a bad day.

When you don't get to go into Boston to see matociquala at her book signing because you're still trying to fight the Crisis of the Week at ten o'clock at night: yeah, today is pretty much fired.

On the other hand, tomorrow has a low hurdle to overcome to not suck as much.
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