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Grumbles and mumbles

Today started off badly, with a flat tire on my brand-new car. Alas, this model has a "limited service" spare tire, only rated for 50mph or less, which means no freeway driving, which means the flat needed to be fixed today (what with the commute to the Current Paying Gig being pretty much all freeways). Further alas, the flat was caused by a sidewall puncture, which means the tire had to be replaced. Further further alas, the manufacturer doesn't make that tire anymore, which meant that I had to get two replacement tires so as not to screw up the car's handling.

Then there were all the alarums, excursions, and skies-falling-on-heads that occurred at said Current Paying Gig between the time I left home and the time I was first able to log in remotely in the dealer's waiting room. (Details will be omitted to protect the guilty; expletives will be changed to protect the innocent.) At least the actual code fix was straightforward, and I shouldn't need to intervene further this weekend.

On the plus side, the clear skies, waxing moon and fresh snowpack looked awfully pretty driving home tonight.
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