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Guard and suspect dead, Marshal wounded in Las Vegas courthouse shooting

The gunman opened fire about 8 a.m. inside the lobby of the Lloyd George U.S. Courthouse, 333 Las Vegas Blvd. South.

Las Vegas police spokeswoman Barbara Morgan said the shooter had been shot in the head.

“It looks like he went in there and just started unloading,” Morgan said.

The security officer was hit in the chest, and the deputy marshal was shot in the arm, he said. The 48-year-old marshal remained at University Medical Center in serious condition, though his injuries were not life-threatening, according to a source with knowledge of his injuries.

The gunman was shot and killed at the scene, FBI Special Agent Joseph Dickey confirmed. The gunman, who hid his gun under a black coat, died across the street, at the Historic Fifth Street School, 401 S. Fourth St., shortly after the shootout, he said.

Seven marshals and court security officers returned fire in the gunfight, Dickey said.

Investigators have not determined a motive for the shooting, but Dickey said "this was not a terrorist event."

This story caught my attention mainly due to the wounding of the deputy US Marshal. My paternal grandfather, Edmund L. Schweppe, was a DUSM who was killed in the line of duty by a pair of escaping prisoners on Sept. 15, 1952, almost a decade before I was born.

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