Ed Schweppe (edschweppe) wrote,
Ed Schweppe

Madame Secretary

Back in June, I mentioned that I'd been one of my mother's guests at her fiftieth Wellesley College reunion, and that one of the highlights was hearing former Secretary of State Madeline Albright taking questions from her classmates.

As it turns out, photographic evidence of our attendance made its way to my old hometown newspaper, the Carlisle Mosquito:

A 50TH REUNION. Cynthia Schweppe of School Street attended her 50th Reunion at Wellesley College in June. She is shown with one of her classmates, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (on the left) and her sons (left to right) Carl, Charles and Edmund. Albright spoke to her returning classmates about the Albright Institute established in her name and about her active life on the international stage. (Courtesy photo)

(In LJ-speak, that back row consists of carl_schweppe, reynaud and yours truly. The front row, on the other hand, INOLJ to the best of my knowledge.)

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