Ed Schweppe (edschweppe) wrote,
Ed Schweppe

Not a snowpocalypse, but an annoyance

When I checked the weather forecasts this morning, it appeared that our most recent snowstorm would get started around nine or ten o'clock this evening. Plenty of time to get home from work, even if I have been staying until seven.

When I checked the forecasts again early this evening, they were calling for the snow to have already started. And, surprisingly, they were correct - it had started snowing and I was still at the Current Paying Gig, which is a good thirty miles or so from home.

This qualifies as an annoyance. The universe is hereby placed on notice that I Do Not Approve of the timing of this event.

(Of course, compared to some of the other folks on my f-list, and many other folks I know outside of LJ, this is a minor annoyance at worst.)
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