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I voted. Did you?

If you're a citizen of the United States of America and you haven't voted yet, today is the day. You don't have to like the candidates I like; I don't have to like the candidates you like. But the nation is facing mighty challenges and perilous times; we the people need to speak loudly and clearly about where we want our nation to go, and the most powerful voice we have is the ballot.

As of just after eight AM, my 2200-voter precinct had cast 324 ballots. My town uses optical-scan paper ballots. Today demonstrates one of the other great advantages of that system (besides traceability, that is): adding more voting stations, to accommodate the expected high turnout, is a simple matter of setting up a few more folding tables with privacy curtains. We had somewhere between twenty and thirty voting booths for those 2200 registered voters. Even though there was an actual, honest-to-goodness line for voting this morning, there was only a few minutes wait.

And now I suppose I should hie myself off to do some productive work, whilst awaiting the results.
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