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Oh, jeez.

Apparently, Sarah Palin's handlers are not only keeping reporters away from her, but now they want to keep reporters away from her supporters. She spoke in Clearwater, Florida today, and according to Eileen Shulte of the St Petersburg Times:

Constantly under the watchful eyes of security, the media wasn't permitted to wander around inside Coachman Park to talk to Sarah Palin supporters. When reporters tried to leave the designated press area and head toward the bleachers where the crowd was seated, an escort would dart out of nowhere and confront him or her and say, "Can I help you?'' and turn the person around.
When one reporter asked an escort, who would not give her name, why the press wasn't allowed to mingle, she said that in the past, negative things had been written. The campaign wanted to avoid that possibility Monday.

Maybe that's because those supporters are getting more and more outrageous? John McCain gave a speech today in Albequerque, New Mexico where he asked his crowd "Who is the real Barack Obama?" In this YouTube video, you can hear one supporter clearly yelling out "A terrorist!" Rather than smack down the nutjob, McCain continued with his speech, saying "But ask such questions and all you get in response is another barrage of angry insults." (A classic case of the pot decrying the kettle's sootiness.)

The sort-of good news is that there are only four more weeks until Election Day. The bad news is that the GOP is going to drench us in sleaze for each and every one of them.
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