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I've been watching the streaming video from KHOU in Houston, showing the devastation that Hurricane Ike has wrought. They've got their helicopter up showing live pictures of flooded streets and blown-out buildings (currently over Texas City? I don't know that area at all).

Rep. John Culberson recently gave a press conference where he was appealing for local residents to send food and water to the command center at Tully Stadium - apparently, there are some three hundred first responders at the command center there who ran out of supplies. Culberson is on the Appropriations subcommittee that funds Homeland Security; I wouldn't want to be Michael Chertoff at the next set of budget hearings.

Meanwhile, the news folks are demonstrating their ignorance, misidentifying both a C-17 Globemaster II and a Navy P-3 Orion as C-130s. And nobody's gotten any aerial pictures of the west end of Galveston Island ...
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